Thursday, July 26, 2007

International campaign to prosecute Bahrain's butcher- Ian Henderson

Bahrain: Launching a multi-language campaign, in all world languages, against Henderson with the help of websites and blogs

Manama, 25 July 2007

Begin now and support justice,Selected Banners for your blog or website from here

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) launched a campaign, today, to call for “trying the butcher of Bahrain, the British Officer, Ian Henderson.” The campaign started on 23 July 2007; i.e. one day after Henderson's arrival to Bahrain. BYSHR attributed a special section on the website ( for monitoring Henderson's case.

BYSHR clarified that the next step of the campaign shall focus on spreading the word in almost all universal languages: (Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Persian, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Urdu, Turkish, Chinese).

BYSHR asserted that this step will be implemented through designing some banners in different languages. These banners will be distributed via international, regional, and local online forums and blogs. The moderators of targeted blogs and online forums will be asked to post the banners on prominent places on their websites. Bloggers and online forums moderators will be allowed to select their preferred language.

BYSHR pointed out that a special section on the website will be dedicated to trace the websites and blogs that support the campaign. That is in order to identify the websites interested in promoting international justice and advocating human rights. Simultaneously, this will also help to recognize other blogs and websites which do not care for bringing justice for all humans. Those who will post the banners are requested to notify BYSHR in order to enlist their websites on “Human Rights Supporters Section”. (If you put campaign banners on your site or blog, sent us the name of your blog or site to
BYSHR stated that each of Mideast Youth – Thinking Ahead ( and Softcopy Translation Center for NGOs ( participated in the campaign through providing translation and technical solutions.

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights have great expectations that all international, regional, and local websites and blogs will support BYSHR campaign against Henderson, the British officer accused of committing inhuman crimes in Bahrain in 1966-2000.

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