Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bahrain: Further House Raids and Arrests- Total of 26

HAQ: Movement of Liberties and Democracy- Bahrain
حق: حركة الحريات والدموقراطية- البحرين

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Bahrain: Further House Raids and Arrests- Total of 26

An hour ago, armed forces in 20 jeeps raided Abulameer Al-Nasahba's house in Duraz (about 4 kilometers west of Manama) to arrest his sons. The non Bahraini forces broke the main door of the house, pushed away the old father (Abdulameer) and grabbed the youths there, Husain Mahmood and Hasan who is a mentally ill young man. Hasan was released later. In the same raid, another young man, Ammar Mohamed Jasem Thabet, was picked up from his house and taken away. This would total those arrested to 26 in three days.

On the other hand, the family of Ahmed Abdulhadi from Al-Muqsha village (3 kilmeters west of the capital Manama) reported their son missing over six hours ago, when he was on the phone with them in Al-Daih area. Ahmed's family could not communicate with him through his cell phone for the past period. Confirmed reports indicate that he has been detained when the Special Force was in Daih area early in the evening.

The confrontations in Malikeya finished an hour after starting around 9pm local time. Fewer number of forces still available in the area, until this moment. Non-Bahraini lead forces in Sanabis left the scene an hour ago, without any arrests in this vibrant village.

You Tube-loaded short documentaries showing the fierce use of chemical tear gas and rubber bullets by both, face-masked armed militia and the non-Bahrainis in uniform are available on these links:

Time: 9:30pm GMT, December 22, 2007

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