Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Al-Faseela, another blog of AJ Alsingace on Blogspot, blocked by the Authorities

The Bahraini Authorities have taken measures to block the second blog I have on the Google Blogspot. The Blog name is "Al-Faseela", similar to that blocked earlier on Katib.org, a program affiiated with the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information.

The blog on the Google, similar to that on Katib, is used to post AJ's thoughts and articles, human rights reports, poems, news, videos and articles of other writers as well.

This campaign comes in line with clamping measures taken by the Authorities to silence dissident views and human rights activists who exploit the web ciber to spread violations and views about public issues in Bahrain.

AJ is also banned from traveling and leaving Bahrain after the bogus and malicious allegations brought against him by the Authorities.