Sunday, April 26, 2009

In a big prison-banned from travel and access to local media

In a big prison-banned from travel and access to local media
Abduljalil Alsingace
26 April 2009

Yesterday late afternoon, I was stopped at the immigration of King Fahd Causeway in my way to KSA. I was, accompanied by my wife and young daughter, going for three purposes:

1) Procure pair of Grommet Ventilation Tubes, from Saudi Arabia, to be inserted in my both ears as my inner ears suffer from negative pressure. There is a shortage of such tubes in Salmaneyya Medical Complex, so I decided to bring some from KSA after searching from Internet and located a supplier across the border in Khobar.
2) Look for history books for my little girl from Jareer Bookshop in Dammam- KSA.
3) Examine the travel ban and its effectiveness after my last attempt on April 15th

There was no change of the resolution of the Public Prosecution executed by Nawaf Hamza, the head of prosecution responsible for our “supposedly nullified” case. More over, the resolution not only includes the travel ban, but my arrest. The security officers were intending to have me arrested in front of the travellers, but later deterred to do so, when I voiced out. My passport was confiscated while my family’s passport were returned back.

The decision was then for me to follow a security vehicle, using my car, to reach a Bahraini central security office at the Causeway, where I met with the head officer, Isa Rumaihi, I think. ( I am not sure of the last name). Isa, as well as other staff there, remembered my case ten days ago. He made quick contacts with security authorities and the answer came swifter than before. Travel ban persists and I am not allowed to pass the causeway or leave Bahrain. I was given back the useless ”passport”, travel document.

It is evident that, on decision from higher authorities, both the public prosecution and the so called “National Security Apparatus” are collaborating to make Bahrain for me a big prison.
I headed back home after I informed the media, who were not spontaneous and did not publish my issue for the second time. That ‘snot strange as local reporters approach for statements on public affairs issues but these are not shown or mentioned in the local press. It is clear who is behind such extra ban.

In defiance to this censorship, I will still continue to spread words and postures through cyber web sphere. Thanks to international agencies, Facebook and blogs, I can still reach.