Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bahrain's Hamad appoints a sadistic torturer to his ruling council

I received this statement by email about the torturer Adel Flaifel:

Bahrain's Hamad appoints a sadistic torturer to his ruling council

The ruler of Bahrain, Sheikh Hamad, who is unable to control the use of torture in Bahrain, has now been forced by family members to promote the notorious psychopath and sadist Adel Flafiel to be a member of his shura council. Adel Flaifil, who had previously fled to Australia for a multi-million dollar fraud against the Bahrain Community, was personally responsible for using torture on citizens of Bahrain from 1980 to 1997 Exasperated a weak and inept ruler's lack of action to clamp down on torture in his prisons and bring the torturers to justice, Bahrain's citizens are now coming forward to give the world personal testimonies of sufferings endured at the hands of his Ministry of Interior.

In what is only the start of an ongoing disclosure process, Maitham Al Sheikh, one of Hamad's recent victims, gave a graphic account of his ill- treatment during his 16 months of arbitrary detention in Bahrain. Maitham Al Sheikh is a Trade Unionist in Bahrain who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. In testimony to the House of Lords in Britain, Maitham Al Sheikh, told a horrified audience how, he was hung by his wrists for hours, deprived of sleep for days and nights on end, electrocuted on sensitive parts of the body, and had a police baton inserted into him in simulated rape. Adel Flafiel’s sexually sadistic tendencies are described by his victims here .

Adel Flafiel
Our advice to anyone who has to deal with Flaifel is to wash your hands well afterwards lest some of the blood of his victims rubs off on you.