Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When live ammunition is the solution
Abduljalil Alsingace
June 27, 2007

In a peaceful protest, many national figures - political, human rights and feminist - Shiites and Sunnis, declare for a march Saturday afternoon (June 30th) from Ras Al- Ramman Grand mosque towards United Nations House in the capital Manama, in protest over the decision of the UN Commission for Human Settlements to honor the Bahraini Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa for his achievements in this area.

The notification for the protest march was taken the relevant police station, as usual. The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) has made several excuses, including the inexistence of the director or officer of Legal Affairs, in order not to receive it. The decision was then made to send the notification by fax, only then the MOI accepted to receive a copy of the notification, but with the following threat:

"The march would be prevented by force and showered by live ammunition, will include participants, and also organizers of the march."

The organizes of the march include: Mr Isa Aljowder, Mr Hasan Mushaima, Mr Abdulhadi Al-khawaja, Sh. Mohamed Al-Mahfoodh, Mr Nabeel Rajab, Sh. Abdulla Al-Saleh, Mrs Layla Dashti and Dr Abduljalil Alsingace.

It should be noted that honoring the Prime Minister will formally take place in the presence of Secretary General of the United Nations on July 2, 2007 in the United Nations Economic and Social Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

IT is apparent that the Regime decide to change attitude and deals with his opponents and those who disagree with his symbolic figures, who do not enjoy popular support, with a new style.
It is evident that the Regime is not tolerant with peaceful protests, how small they appear, which have become embarrassing. It will not hesitate to resort to weapons and live ammunition, to restore the memory of what happened during the nineties to the two young martyrs - Hani Al-Wasti and Hani Khamis. They had been sniped by assassinate from a helicopter during a peaceful demonstration in Sanabis -west of Manama, on December 17, 1994, during a meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
That coward assassination resulted in a series of protests leading to around 40 martyrs-inside and outside the prison, arrests of tens of thousands, and the foundations of the political crisis stifling until 1999.

Will the Regime, foolishly and unwisely, restore the same old method, reopening the same page, and continue to systematically deal with security mentality and excessive force-even causing loss of life - in front of peaceful protests that the world is witnessing ?

Waiting to monitor what happened next Saturday, and how officials deal with the march and the impact it will have on the award ceremony, Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman is looking for.

Will the Regime click and launch another convoy of martyrs in the so-called “Reform era”?

We wait and see!!